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Just enough

Her body was floating downwards, slipping deeper and deeper and deeper underwater. All the air inside of her lungs had gone out, leaving in only the dirty water in the lake. Her brain was close to shutting down. She was aware of the fact that she was drowning. But she was at ease with thisContinue reading “Just enough”

Șapte minute

Plângea, în timp ce stătea ghemuită în cel mai întunecat colț al camerei. Nu era prima dată când se găsea în situația asta. Era obișnuită cu acest sentiment. Era obișnuită chiar și cu sentimentul că nu era singură în locul acela, chiar dacă, teoretic, ea locuia singură. Simți o adiere de vânt venind dinspre fereastră.Continue reading “Șapte minute”

Dear Diary

11th August A knife. A trembling hand. A sweet-scented candle. Vanilla, I think it was. Or was it tropical flowers? Whatever… details. I can’t recall that scent. I feel it, but I can’t quite place my finger on the name of the aroma. Anyway… where was I? Oh, telling you about my day, dear Diary.Continue reading “Dear Diary”

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